Sunday, 17 August 2008


2 Days ago on Friday and Saturday, the Malaysian Fellowship crew (mostly leaders) including myself we attended a leadership meeting/ seminar held by City Harvest KL. It was really a great experience to know God better, learn to be God's child 1st and then doctor, to lead cell group, to be a worship leader and most important to built God's kingdom.

what really touches me the most in these 2 days seminar is how to lead a cell group and the qualities needed in a cell group leader, as this session really speaks to me a lot and really get me thinking.

These are the principles i learned of being a good spiritual leader for God
  1. biblical profile of a leader
  • Good reputation where a leader must not only be good in serving God but also must be a powerful and living testimony in wherever they are be it in school, uni, or workplace (anywhere).
  • Full of the Holy spirit. As spiritual leaders we must be dependent on the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us to go the place He want us to go.
  • Full of Wisdom. Wisdom is a gift of God, it is actually the knowledge that is properly applied and it is the ability to discern all matter from the spiritual point of view.
  • Full of Faith. We must have a visible faith in God to bring people to trust and have confidence in Him. we must fear God and love the truth.
2. Leader must love God and people
  • In Mark 12:13 we have to love God passionately and we must love to serve others as love for people can work a lot of things.
  • So if we love people, we will wanna see growth and that people are being saved. And that is our Great commission.
3. Freed up lifestyle
  • as leaders we must know how o manage our time well, do not because of exam or work or any petty stuff and then wanna cancel cell group or cancel fellowship.
  • if we have time to watch series or go online or go mamak etc, we definitely will have time for God. God gives us all 24 hours a day it's whether u use it properly or u waste it.
4. A Great Attitude
  • Humility. As Jesus came not to be served but to serve.
  • Positive attitude. (even in times of trouble)
  • Enthusiasm. Faith makes a leader enthusiastic.
  • Willingness. willingness will release your ability to the job, it will gives u tremendous energy, it brings with it strategy for us to overcome things in life, it makes us teachable, and it brings us into the blessing of God.
5. Discipleship
  • to disciple people to change the world by teaching and equipping them to go to Jesus, to be with Jesus and to follow Jesus.
  • Discipleship take place when our value are challenged as our attitude are being fine tune and our character are develope.
  • If we are not discipled, we are not christian.
Well that's the main point to being a cell group leader. This actually teach me a lot. to learn to trust and surrender everything into God's hand. For me it's really hard to surrender completely to Him but i know that God is molding me day by day to be the person He wants me to be. He'll definitely mold and teach us as long as we open our hearts and surrender it all into His hands.

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