Thursday, 3 July 2008


Well it's been long since i wrote anything here, I'm back to Malaysia for almost 2 weeks and I'm currently still enjoying my holidays with family and friends that i had not seen for 'ages'. Well once i came back i went to buy my room furniture (a bigger cupboard, a big table and a book shelve), and yesterday my furniture was delivered to me and now finally i have place to keep all my heavy medical books which i brought back from Moscow, have a table to do stuff etc. Well i wanted to take a photo of my room's new look and post it up but i do not know where my parents keep the camera. But anyway i really do like my room, very warm and cozy. Well I'll be starting my training in the pharmacist soon, well maybe some will ask 'i thought u're suppose to be attached to the hospital'. Well to me i think what i really lack in my medical training is my pharmacology, i do not know why do i have such a big problem with it, so now i choose to overcome this problem by learning the drugs used in Malaysia for different disease in a pharmacist to be a better doctor God wants me to be.

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