Thursday, 19 June 2008


Today is my last day here in Moscow before going back to Malaysia for holidays (goodbye to 5th year) , well i'll be coming back here in September for my final year as a medical student before graduating and be a real doctor.

Thank God also for being with me through my finals, I'm actually kinda happy with my final results this year, really a blessing from God.

And well i actually can't wait to go home, it's been a year since i went back and i really misses my family and friends even though we do keep in contact through MSN. And definitely not forgetting Malaysian food.

Well i think the rest i'll write when i go back, anyway just can't wait to fly back 2molo. hooray!!!


tsaisheng said...

hey , i read log . Nice stuff , i am going to MMA for my first year by this September . so maybe u could help me by solving some doubts that i have now...I try to find the way to contact u but i found no even any e-mail address . SO hope you dont mind to lend me your hand as God did to you . my e-mail add is .....Thz so much ,God bless you richly

YY Ong LTR! said...

yea, so fast to be a doctor. It's good to enjoy ur student's life first..