Sunday, 15 June 2008

Happy Father's day

Today throughout the world people are celebrating Father's day. Beside my Father in heaven, i would also like to thank my dad for the things he had done in my life. My dad is one whom i respect a lot. Even though he's a man, but he helps out a lot in the house especially with going marketing with my mum and also cooking for my family (before i take over).

He's the one who told me who God is, and has always been my personal mentor with God's word and also with my school work, he teach me practically all the subjects especially mathematic and add maths which i'm really terrible in it.

Even though many times he always scold me for being careless and blur (which i really am) i know he does it for my own good, he wants me to be a responsible doctor and not make careless mistake and harm others (even though i don't think so, coz i only careless with my own stuff).

i remembered everytime when i want him to buy something for me, he always says no in the 1st place but deep down i know he has a soft spot which needs a little 'manja'. well no matter how old i may be i'm still my daddy's girl wat.

Well just wanna wish my dad Happy father's day, May God bless you and that to me, you're the best dad i could ever have and that i really love you.

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