Monday, 9 February 2009


camp goup photo

From the 5th to 7th of Feb, a group of 57 medical students from the MF and JE including myself went for a winter hangout in an American 'Dacha' where we spend 3 days 2 nights in God's presence learning to be the 'CHOSEN GENERATION'. This winter hangout was organized by a group of M2 students who were willing to step up for God.

Before going for the camp, all i expected was just to have some fun and to enjoy the fellowship with other brother and sister in Christ from MF as this was my last semester. But few days before the camp, i was asked by the worship coordinator to worship lead in a worship session on the 2nd day. i was actually really excited to be given the chance to worship lead and was like preparing the songs and all but somehow one day before the camp after i went to M2 to practice with the other musicians, don't know why i somehow felt very useless as a worship leader as i found myself not doing what i need to do as a worship leader.

But then that night when i was back in my hostel, i began to pray and ask God for directions, He began to show me what it means about worship. Worship is not about the songs we sing, or how the music should be played but it's about my heart. i actually heard God asking me whether was my heart too bother about how the worship session should be or was my heart actually about enjoying Him and bring people to His presence. And thus i told God that i want to enjoy His presence no matter what.

So throughout the camp, i began to open my heart and experience God in many different ways and God began to reveal to me more about enjoying His presence and not to worry so much but let Him take over. A friend from JE, Volgo actually encouraged me on not letting things get in between me worshipping and leading people into God's presence.

The worship team of winter hangout. They all ROCK!!!

And thus during the session when i worship lead, even though there were many changes here and there but i began to let go and let God come in to take over the whole session. And together with another worship leader (Andrew and Kelvin), a great bunch of musicians (wei soon, wee kee, Ailin, Billy, Marcus, Isaac) and a great team of backup singers (Jassie, May Shi, Alyssa, Joo Ann, Kenix, Pauline), we enjoyed God's presence together (singing, dancing, jumping etc) and also managed to bring other's into God's presence worshipping Him like never before. At that time i learned that when i am faithful with the little gift God had given to me and let Him take over, more things will be added to my life. God has given each of us gifts, it is just whether are we willing to use it for His glory.

My tribe Manasseh, we're so cool

Throughout this camp, i also learned about having a servant heart. To be a leader or to be great, we must 1st learn to serve. Serve God and serve people. I may not be very good in this area but i am actually learning to love people for who they are and slow to judge. Many may think that this is so impossible or idealistic but i believe it is possible not by our own strength but by God's strength and power. I also got to know many people whom i had seen but not know them personally and i really enjoyed the fellowship i had with all of them. I'll definitely miss all of them when i graduate but i believe that the friendship that i had with all of them will not be limited by distance and time.



So i would really like to challenge those who God has given u the gifts, but were not using it for some reason or another to put aside all circumstances and let God use u. And things will definitely be different as a servant's heart is a heart whom God seeks, and also to treasure the people around you and love them for who they are.

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