Monday, 2 February 2009

Trip To Murmansk

A week ago, 9 other girls and myself set out for a journey to Murmansk, a town in Russia situated above the arctic circle. we went there by train and it took us 39 hours train ride to reach our destination. train cabin

Murmansk is a small and cozy town, where people there are nice and friendly, i actually realized not all Russians are cold towards people, there is actually another friendly and warm side of them. the weather there on the other hand is quite unbearable, very cold bout -ve 20.
the main road in murmansk

throughout the 4 days there, we visited 2 museums, we went up the hill with Murmansk famous statue of aloshae, we went up the hill also because we hope to see the Northern Lights. But as the light activity was not strong and was quite different from what we expected.

museum in Murmansk

The northern lights taken by the local people which we expected to see

the low activity light that we manage to see (not very clear)photo with a caretaker of a ship museum who was once in the field of ship and sails

Well the food there is delicious with reasonable prices, definitely cheaper than Moscow with the ammount of food we've been eating (Japanese, Italian, and Chinese food is available too)

Overall it's a great trip with great experiences.


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