Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Mother's day

When i was young i always think that my mother loved my brother more, as she was very strict on me and she makes me do more house chores than my brother.

But then later as I grow up, when i'm in secondary school, I started to realize that she does care for me in her own mother to daughter way. I remember she makes sure we have enough money to buy our own lunch, always bear with me even when i talk back at her (as you know teenagers are rebellious), forgives me when i break her heart, buy things that i like even though after much nagging, encourage me to study medicine when i doubt that medicine will be too hard.

Then when i decided to come over to Moscow to pursue my medical studies, i realized she worries so much for me, and make sure i have the warmest jacket, blanket etc, and when we 1st parted at the airport about 5 years ago, i saw tears in her eyes that makes me cry, and from then on, I'm confirmed that my mum love me just as much as he loves my brother (she does not tell it out, but she shows it in our everyday conversation and during the yearly 2months time we spend together).

Well i just wanna thank God for blessing me with such a great mum, just wanna wish my mum HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY and that i really treasure and appreciate what you did for me. Thank You

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