Wednesday, 14 May 2008


This month is such a tough month, not only do i have Paediatrics and psychiatry cycle, i also have a practical final and MCQ finals for paediatric on (20th and 26th May) and also psychiatry final on the 30th May, then on 2nd June i have therapy final, 6th June paediatrics oral final, 11th June Infectious disease final and 16th June surgery final.

All these subjects need to study thick textbooks, lecture notes, class notes and find extra info from internet. I really need strength and wisdom from God to go through this. But definitely i have to put in extra effort and concentration as these exams are gonna be hard, tough and nerve racking
and one thing for sure, i do not want to be the kind of person who just study to pass exam but i look for more, i study hard so that i can be a good doctor (not just with the knowledge but with a teachable heart).

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Jin Ye said...

Good attitude you've got there. God will surely guide you through!