Thursday, 29 May 2008


Me and my psychiatry class notes (tired of studying)

Well I'm currently preparing for my psychiatry final 2molo, it's really a challenge for me. Since young or i could say the reason why i came to study medicine is because i wanna be psychiatrist and i had waited to study this subject for like so long and finally i got to learn about psychiatric disorder and see different patients with mental illness.

Well no doubt this subject is really interesting but it's really tough as it has many different terms and it mainly deals with psychic disorder (sensation disorder, perception disorder, thought disorder, obsessions and compulsion disorder, will and behavior disorder, motor disorder, intellect disorder, memory disorder and other associate diseases).

The more i read or study the more i think or feel that all of us are really prone to develop any of these disorder (neuroses or psychoses). It's just that whether are we able to adapt to it or not, if not it'll be known as DIS ADAPTATION (where detachment from reality and society occur and thus we see so call people who are weird or different). There is so much to this subject that i do not know where to start, but if anyone who read this has any question on any psychiatry problem feel free to ask me ( hehe...)

Well i think i have done my best to prepare for 2molo exams. i have faith that i won't fail 2molo but i really wanna score well and get a 5 for this subject as i really like this subject, so I'll just go in faith and put my trust in God that He'll bring me through as i had done my part to do my best. For with Him all things are possible. But anyway i will still give God all the glory for whatever result i get 2molo.


C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

All the best k!! God Bless!!

JayneAi said...

all the best to u too..muaks..God be with you through out the whole week of exams...=) BLESSED!