Friday, 23 May 2008


Today was a sad day, when i was in lecture this morning, i suddenly receive a sms from my mum saying that my Great grandmother has pass away, i was shocked and sad when i heard the news, my tears just came out unknowingly but i try to calm myself down and wiped off my tears as i was in the lecture hall.

Throughout the day, i was feeling sad and guilty not able to be back there to see her last face and all the memories of her just came flashing into my mind (how she took care of me when i was young; how she ask me to eat or bath but i was not able to understand fuk chow and she'll be like saying i used to be able to speak fuk chow well but now why i was not able; how i try to learn some 'fuk chow' to try to converse with her etc).

My great grandmother pass away due to an acute heart attack, and to look closely at my mother's side family medical history most of them like my grandparents and mother either have cardiovascular disease or high risk of it. And i really want to be a good doctor to be able to sort of like help them prolong life span with medicine (silly isn't it), but this was the 1st time i experienced death of someone close to me and that feeling is really ....... but somehow i believe that God will bring be through esp now exam time (need to concentrate)

All i could say that life is really short and i really think we should learn to treasure people around us, be it our families or friends. Don't ever think that it's still early or there's still time as we never know what will happen to us. So treasure everyday of our life and the people around us the way God wants us to love and care and live life to the fullest.

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