Thursday, 10 April 2008


This month I'm having gynecology and surgery cycle (rounds). My gynecology teacher is an intelligent, soft spoken and a humble person. He teaches and explains well in class and while seeing procedures. i remember on Tuesday he was asking us what kind of procedure are we interested in. then someone asked whether can we see abortion procedure (in Malaysia abortion is illegal unless there's some medical reason or whatsoever but here the law is different). Upon hearing this my teacher was kinda upset, he couldn't understand why are people so interested in abortions (as many other groups has requested to see abortion too).
is this what we wish to see, gross isn't it???

He then explained and told us that he believe that baby (pregnancy) is given by something from above to the mothers. We as doctors do not have the right to harm or destroy (abortion is done by breaking the life chorion or embryo into smaller pieces and then remove it by curettage) the embryo or fetus. Even though the embryo or fetus may not be well formed yet but it's still a living organism living in a mother's womb. He also thinks that seeing abortion is somewhat depressing and not good, it's better to see birth. This is how abortion is done. to me it's cruel and depressing

For me i believe that unless there are certain medical reason, we as doctors or even mother to the baby should never consider abortion as an option as it is a life given by God and we don have the right to take away one's life (no matter what selfish reason we may have). And from the medical point of view, abortion may also lead to other complication like infection or future infertility for those who later in life might want to have children.

Well talking about my teacher i really respect him not just as a doctor but also his morality as a doctor. i hope that one day if i were to be a specialist in obstetric and gynecology I'll be like him and of course not to forget the Great Physician of my life.


h2m said...

Although abortion is illegal in Malaysia but as what I knew..there are still alot of people went for abortion. I have a friend she is same age as me but she did abortion twice...sighed..

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