Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Today in gynecology class we learned about amenorrhea and one of it's cause is turner syndrome. Turner syndrome is a congenital disease which is caused by a missing or incomplete X chromosome. People who have Turner syndrome develop as females. The genes affected are involved in growth and sexual development, which is why girls with the disorder are shorter than normal and have abnormal sexual characteristics.We also learn about turner mosaic. what does mosaicism mean here? mosaicism actually means that instead of chromosome changes, changes occur in the gene locus inside the chromosome causing female to have some small signs of a particular disease like turner syndrome but the condition is not as severe as turner syndrome (for example: patient outward appearance may look like they have turner syndrome like short stature or stocky appearance but their genital organs actually function normally and there's no mental retardation).

My lecturer then further says that there is a stipulation on all human being including you and I, we have mosaic of genetic hereditary diseases for example cancer, connective tissue disease, hypertension, it's just how much do we manifest it only by our lifestyle and environmental factors. so we need to live our life well and healthily to prevent the manifestation of these diseases.

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