Tuesday, 15 April 2008

A fruitful weekend

The weekend that had passed was a meaningful weekend. Many things happened but yet i can see that God is in control of everything. We had the Love factor on Saturday and to me personally it was really meaningful and what i learn that night was Love factor is actually God factor, to understand what real love is, we have to know who God is and experience His love.

And on Sunday church service, Pastor John Ollis shared on finishing well in our walk with God. Many thinks that Christianity is just accepting Christ and that's it, but actually there's more to that we need to live our life as a living sacrifice for Him and always willing to be humble and surrender fully to Him. Pastor John also pointed out some of the ways to do so.

Then later in the evening we had a leadership meeting with pastor John on how to be a better man and woman for God, the criteria of priesthood that we as God's children should have as we're God's royal priesthood. Well thought out this whole weekend, even though i was so call busy and don't really have much time for my studies but somehow i find myself learning more and how to be the person God wants me to be. and to me this is definitely something i can never learn from my medical textbook.

And thank God when i went to class with His presence beside me, i can answer the question my professor asked me and thank God for that and all glories go to Him as He is the greatest physician in my life.

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Anonymous said...

esther, are u preparing to go to heaven? :P u are definitely going to~~