Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Yesterday i went to the phone company in Moscow (MGTS) to inquire why can't we apply the internet line yet (we're suppose o able to apply the internet line 2 weeks ago), and the lady there says that they are not able to do so due to some reason which i not quite understand as they speak in difficult Russian (well even though I'm here for 5 years already, that does not mean i can understand everything they say, right?). well the only part i got was that we (those who are sharing this line) have to wait for another month to be able to apply this internet line. When i heard this i was like man....... this is bad as i really need to use the internet desperately (I've been living without it for the pass 2 months and it's so inconvenient especially for someone who is like staying away from home with tones of medical research and homework to do), especially this month of April as I'm having my surgery cycle which require me to hand up projects every class.

But somehow i recall my friend using this wireless internet service known as Golden Wifi, what i got to do is just to buy the internet card (500rub to use unlimitedly for a month), and make sure my computer can detect this wireless server. So on my way back to my hostel, i went to about 7 shops in 7 different locations and they all told me that they did not had any stock, i was like crying out God why is this happening to me? why must I go through this? Haven't i been praying enough? but somehow there's this voice inside me that told me not to give up, continue to have faith and trust in God, so with that small faith that i had, i went into my last choice, a shop in the market near my hostel and Thank God there it was the last internet card. Man...i was like in awe, in awe of how God works (even though u may think it's a small thing, but to me it speaks a lot).

Then the 1st thing i do when i was able to log on to the internet was to listen to this sermon on endurance by pastor Tan Ye Peng from CHC. it's was like a reminder on what God has brought me through and an encouragement also on not giving up in whatever circumstances that we may be in.

2cor6:4 In everything that we do we try to show that we are true ministers of God. We patiently endure troubles and hardships and calamities of every kind.

E- Embrace God's purpose in that situation.
N- nurture our roots in God's word
D- Direct our attention to Jesus Christ
U- Use our experience to help others
R- Rely on God's power
E- Expect God to bless us and to give us a breakthrough

God did not save people to enter the race, but to finish the race well.

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