Sunday, 6 April 2008

Love Factor

This saturday at 6.30 in yunost hotel, there'll be a seminar or would i say conference by Pastor John Ollis from Hillsong Australia. He's gonna talk about the topic love. Many think that they know what love is all about. But to me Love is something easily say but not done and it really take God's strength for me to be able to show the kind of love He wants me to show.

I'm actually really looking forward to hear what Pastor John Ollis got to say as i know that what he say will not only be powerful but also life changing. He came last year to speak in the Malaysian Fellowship and also in church and i can say that He's a man of God, very wise,knowledgeable,and with authority but at the same time humble and friendly.

Thus as i say I'm looking forward to hear what God say through him about love, as i want to be a person who loves the way God want me to towards my family, my friends, my future patients and others.

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Anonymous said...

esther~ its 7:37 n i am sitting he in my room writing this comment about this post~ HAIH suddenly i start to regret that i m too lazy to get this big fat ass of mine out the the hostel to love factor talk~ i would really want to enlighten myself bout this topic as i m really lost. :( i guess its too late now~