Thursday, 3 April 2008

My Group mates

The 2 men sitting in front are my teacher for trauma

Today as I went to class, I was thinking on what to write for the blog. And then I decided to write on my group. My group as small as it may seem consist of a bunch of interesting people with unique characters. Even though we’re from different nationality, races, sexes, religion we tend to get along pretty well in many ways.

As I mentioned we have various characters here in my group: ‘study’ freaks; ‘shopping’ freaks; ‘beauty’ freaks; ‘eating’ freaks (most of us can really eat and I mean really); ‘gossip’ freaks; ‘sarcastic’ freaks; ‘cute’ freaks (like me who always like to say so); ‘chill’ freaks etc practically u name it, u have it. But it’s just who we are and I can proudly proclaim that I love this group and I have never regretted to stay in this group even though in the beginning I had the chance to change to another group, I think my life will be pretty boring not being here.

Another amusing thing about my group is that everyday each of us takes turn to PMS or like what my group mates like to say takes the ‘bitch’ pill, but somehow we learn to bear and live with it and in a way we actually get to like each other for who we really are. No doubts we do have ‘cat fights’ and arguments but at the end of the day we apologize and don harbor hatred over it. That’s one thing I really like about them they are real (well maybe sometimes too real). And to my group mates I really love u guys.


Anonymous said...

:D love u too esther~~~ without u we ll be even lazier

h2m said...

haha..i guess she is one of the bookworm la!

女兵 said...

hi ester...

anastacia said...

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