Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Today my class was suppose to have a very tough surgery zachut test (zachut means end of cycle pass to take the final exam). i had been like studying for the past few days but am still nervous for the exam as there are so many topics to study and prepare.

And this morning when i woke up, i really did prayed for a miracle and this miracle happened as my professor was sick and could not make it, so he asked his colleague to give us free zachut. Thank God. But of course still have to prepare well for my finals too as it'll definitely be tough. Over this one whole month of surgery cycle, it's really tiring but i did realized that i learned so much.

Even though i won be considering this as my future field, but to be honest it's actually something interesting and fun. What I've been learning is general surgery, but i really hope that i can see or learn about plastic surgery as it's fun (sort of, i mean it's interesting).
And these days, in ophthalmology there is this new laser surgery to correct common eye disorders such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Well i was actually thinking of going for this surgery to correct my astigmatism but somehow i still have the fear of being operated even though I'm a doctor to be, well have to wait till i get over that fear.There are also facial surgery, to remove tumors etc.For example the pic below shows a girl suffers from a Schwannoma tumor which has been growing on her face since she was 3-years old.The tumor has grown to the point where she is no longer able to eat or speak.It has even kept her from going to school.The surgery is needed to allow her to speak and eat once again.
Well there are just so many interesting surgical procedures worldwide, but somehow there's this controversy where many people are not willing to undergo surgery as they have this perception of fear of dying on the operation theater.

And i really do not deny the fact that all operations or surgical procedures have their own risk but i believe if you are in the hands of a good and experience doctor, then there should not be any problem. But i also will not deny the fact that there are also alternative medicine beside surgery which the patient may feel more comfortable with. But i also think it's up to individuals decision whether do they wanna undergo the operation if they have to.

So we as doctors or future doctors should always be sensitive to our patient's condition and choose the best option for them and not settle every problem with surgery.

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