Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Yesterday, a friend of mine was being 'tembak kau kau' for the thing she wrote in her blog about M night, almost everyone was against her wanted her out of the university.

well i could not deny that the way and what she wrote was harsh and insensitive and to many people 'racism'.

but one thing i would like to ask is which of us has never say things that hurt others. make mistake, gossip about other nation, race, religion, or people? All of us 'screw up' and make mistakes but what matter most is that whether after u make that mistake, are we willing to 'take responsibility courageously' to seek and ask for forgiveness openly. (and i'm sure many of us has problems or too proud to admit or take responsibility, because i sometimes are like that too)

But this friend of mine has actually posted an apology post on her blog, and that's so courageous of her. So i really hope that those who was offended by that post will be kind, willing and forgiving enough to forgive her and do not cause any more trouble to her.

The reason i said all these is not because she's my friend (if u think I'm like because u're my friend what u do is always right) as i do not approve of what she had done (her 1st post), but because i admire and was awe by her courage to take responsibility.

We do not have the right to condemn a person, as we ourself are not at all perfect, unless u think that u have done no wrong, then i have nothing to say.


khng said...

forgive and forget, it's true, but it takes time. everybody thinks and judges differently. what is done cannot be changed. that is a fact. however, i, too, hope for things to turn out alright of course. after all, everybody makes mistakes.

Liyana Mazni said...

i agree with you, unlike some ministers in the cabinet, it took 3 years to apologize for their keris episodes...but some till now haven't apologized, after 20 yrs, instead chose to disappear to d land down under(Aussie) till things cooled off.

aManda玲慧 said...

good one esther, though sometimes it sounds hard but we should learn to forget and forgive others. as no one is perfect. =)

C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

its hard to forget but its even harder to forgive..thus i can understand why the conflict happened in the first place.. but I believe that things will turn out right for your friend..